Super Nintendo Boombox- One of a kind vintage console mod

As seen in Kotaku

What the heck?

Sometimes it's fun to blend things you like together, and in my case I like boomboxes and I like Super Nintendo. So when the SNES Classic came out I had and idea, use the small form factor of SNES Classic with a boombox. The result is a boombox that has the video game system inside and you are able to play it on the small built in screen or plug your tv into the HDMI port I added on the back of the boombox. That way you can still use a normal TV.

View of the back showing the controller ports, HDMI out, battery, and home button on top

For those who aren’t familiar, the Super NES Classic released in 2017 and was a smaller version of the SNES with 21 included games built in (no cartridges required)

Here are some details of the finished SNES Boombox:

The system is battery powered off a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack that fits in the battery compartment.

The radio and original functionality of the boombox still works normally (you turn the selector to “aux” to hear the sound from the SNES)

The “home” button for the SNES Classic has been moved to a momentary switch on top of the boombox. 

The controllers plug into the back of the boombox.

I added and HDMI out to the back of the boombox so that you wouldn’t be limited to only playing it on the small screen.  You can also play it on a larger TV.


For those who want to know what's inside: