Lamp Project

What you’ll need:

Child Stacking Toy- IKEA

Lamp Kit with Harp (Amazon Link)

Lamp Shade

Hot Glue Gun

LED Bulb

Liquid Nails

Power tool to cut notch in base for cord to inlay


Remove center column from stacking toy and disregard the top ring.

Cut a small channel out of the bottom of the wood base for the cord to lay into.  I used an oscillating tool.  To cut a notch in the bottom of the base.

Hot glue the stacking blocks together in a pyramid.

Assemble your lamp kit

Pull the power cord through the center of the stacking toy.

Before wiring the power cord to the lamp fixture, ensure that you’ve run the power wire through the appropriate pieces, including the lamp harp.

Use a permanent heat proof adhesive to adhere the lamp fixture into the top of the toy.

Add your LED bulb and your lamp shade

You’re all finished.